Aug 15, 2018

"I sought legal assistance because my wife is innocent"

Popular actor Dhananjaya Siriwardena and his wife have come under attack over social media and according to what is published the couple had gone to the police over a family dispute and Dhananjaya’s wife had behaved in an unruly manner at the police station.

However, expressing his views with regard to this issue, Dhananjaya said, “This is a complete lie and my wife and I are very happy together. Currently there are around five of my tele-dramas that is being aired successfully. Meanwhile, my ‘Prana’ performing arts classes are also taking place smoothly. There are some people with warped minds who cannot bear to see the success of others. It is someone like this who has cooked up these lies and published it. These type of sick people survive by these gossip web sites and every time someone searches for a story on the web, they get paid. They find their food by the money earned in this manner. All we can do is sympathizing on these sick characters.”

“I went before the law regarding this matter as although I am an actor my wife is an ordinary innocent person. I can’t bear that they had put her photos and insulted her. That is why I sought the assistance of the law. Those responsible will soon receive proper punishment for their actions,” he said.

“Today most of our artistes suffer such cyber attacks and due to their ignorance, they suffer it in silence. Therefore, these sort of sick minded people dominate the gossip sites. But people can go before the law to seek justice for such activities. What they need to do is first make an entry at the nearest police station and hand it over to the CID to hunt for these perpetrators. At the same time, they also need to complain to the Cyber crimes unit and they are bound to take action. Very soon those responsible for this act will be revealed so that the whole country would know,” he told the media.