Aug 27, 2018

Dinakshi votes for Shalini

Competition among actresses is a common thing and it was amusing to recently see two actresses in a physical tussle. A usual question posed to an actress at an interview is whether she has a rival in the field. Yet this story is about two actresses who engage in their professional careers in sheer sisterhood. They are Dinakshi and Shalini Tharaka.

There is only a few more days left for the Sumathi Awards night and the nominations were released to the media for the 22nd Sumathi awards recently. Shalini tharaka and Dinakshi were both nominated for the most popular actress award. In a Face book post today (27), Dinakshi had appealed to her fans to vote for Shalini and make her the most popular actress.

This is a special incident as her own sister Shanudri Priyasad is also nominated for the award. By August 25 Shalini was leading the popularity polls and Shanudri was in third place, while Shalini was in sixth.