Sep 06, 2018

Real Chamara hurt because of fake Chamara

Chamara Weerasinghe is a famous singer whose presence is vital at any musical stage. He has made his mark in the music field and man with a good heart. However, due to his good heartedness, he has had his feelings hurt.

However, there are many imposters who get on stage as fake Chamara. There are fraudsters who take on shows promising to put Chamara on stage but instead put on stage a fake Chamara and have him sing original songs by the real Chamara.

The real Chamara has posted a comment on his FB page regarding this matter.

“I am not saying these things in anger or jealousy. I like others achieving higher levels than me and I will not obstruct them in any way, but due to certain incidents that happened recently, I felt I should say something.

It is true that I sang Weraliyedda’s songs at the beginning, but I did not sing only his songs. I sang his songs together with the songs of many others.

I would like to tell others who sing my songs that I don’t mind them singing even all my songs while being the lead singer in any permanent band.

I earnestly request the musical programme organizers to please have my songs sung by other artistes together with songs of other singers. Further, I request them to refrain from using my photos to promote the show promising to have me on the stage.”