Oct 15, 2018

Dr. Nuwandika celebrates winning Ms. British Empire 2018 title (Pics)

The celebration night of the grand victory of Dr. Nuwandika Siriwardena as Ms. British Empire 2018 was held recently at Waters Edge.

Dr. Nuwandika Siriwardena emerged victorious at the International Beauty pageant which took place in Perth, Australia in September, 2018.

The event was delegated by VVIP guests, well wishers and family to celebrate her victory. Dr. Nuwandika thanked everyone who supported her for this achievement and announced her future projections to manifest her victory for the benefit of the society.

“I feel privileged and honoured to wear this prestigious crown as the Ms British Empire 2018. This experience is indeed remarkable for me and I will forever treasure the memories I harnessed through it. Above all I hope to manifest the experience and influence that gained through this crown, to uphold Sri Lanka in the international platforms with pride. The main reason I participated in this competition is to fund and uplift the caring process Cancer patients in Sri Lanka with the financial reward that I receive. Therefore hereon I will be focusing to accomplish this goal and I will focus on other projects as well to uplift the Sri Lankan society” Dr. Nuwandika Siriwardena added.

Her years of experience and exposure in the modeling field and her involvement with the talent agency, StarNow brought her the opportunity to represent Sri Lanka for the first time at Miss British Empire 2018. Dr. Nuwandika Siriwardena was selected to participate in the pageant by the official international jury of the Ms British Empire Pageant, after she participated in the photo heat applications that the organizers host for countries which do not host a live show to select a contender. She was trained for the pageant under the iconic Choreographer and Designer, Brian Kerkoven and her costume was designed by Raffealla Fernando.

Dr. Nuwandika Lakmali Wickramarathne-Siriwardena is a Grade Medical Officer attached to the Divisional Hospital at Nawagamuwa. Dr. Nuwandika is in her fourth year of practice following her graduation and is planning to move into the field of Medical Administration.

Apart from being attached to the medical field, she is also a member of the Board of Directors of Water’s Edge Hotel since 2017, and she is the Brand Ambassador for Healthy life style in Western Province and the founder of Elegant Cleopatra, a Clothing, Beauty Cosmetics & Fashion brand. She is also an accomplished lyricist and singer. Currently, Dr. Nuwandika is working to initiate a Cancer Foundation in the hopes of generating funds and uplifting the caring process for cancer patients in Sri Lanka.

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