Jan 17, 2019

Society drifting away from TV - Umayangana

Actress and show host - Umayangana Wickramasinghe says that she thinks the society is drifting away from the television.

Speaking during a newspaper interview, Umayangana had said that the plight of teledramas are tragic as well.

She has added that there is a dearth of TV heads with good taste. The taste of the viewer is not what is assumed by the media. Therefore, there is a weakness in the thought process, she adds.

"With the media failing to deliver what the viewer actually wants while being more politically and financially motivated, disregarding ethics and what is good, the viewer has learnt to seek what she/he wants by switching to the internet."

"Their simple manner of criticising electronic media stations is to either flip channels or switch off the TV entirely. Those who are intelligent, are doing the very same thing and distancing them from television.