Jan 21, 2019

Derana agreement that restricted 'Soratha Himi'

TV Derana has reportedly signed an agreement with popular child artiste Kaveesh Vihanga, who acts as ‘Soratha podi hamuduruwo’ in the tele-drama ‘Sidhu’, so that he cannot act in any other tele-drama.

These details were revealed to the 'Sunday Lakbima' newspaper by his parents.

The parents have said they agreed to the conditions of the Derana contract, as they had thought it best for Kaveesh ro complete his studies before taking on any other acting assignment.

Currently, 650 episodes of the tele-drama have been telecast.

Sold for Rs. 20

Kaveesha’s parents had told Lakbima that the photos of their son in robes had been used in calendars and key tags etc and there were FB posts stating that 'Soratha himi' had been sold for Rs. 20.

Some had even called up the parents and scolded them.

Meanwhile, his parents had said that those helping them in Kaveesha’s education is Sanara Perera, the mother of child artist who acted in the Sirasa tele-drama ‘ Paan Batta’ and her family.

They had helped Kaveesha gain admission to St. Peter’s College and they are helping in all his educational expenses.