Jun 13, 2019

Film Corporation OT bill 9 lakhs ; dream of new film halls shatter Featured

The Sri Lanka Film Corporation Overtime for the month of March is said to be exceeding Rs. 972,000.

However, it is questionable as how so much overtime has been recorded when the employees hardly have enough work during their usual working hours from morning to 4.30 pm.

The Film Corporation is currently operating under the Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Ministry and the employees working overtime had even been provided transport, according to internal sources.

It is also reported that under such circumstances, the private investors have abandoned plans for the setting up of new film halls, a much needed aspect in terms of uplifting the film industry.

So far not a single application for a licence has been received for 2019, and it is said that this is due to a decision by Minister Sajith Premadasa to abolish the liquor licence procedure.

Several film experts told Sri Lanka Mirror that during the past film halls were protected due to the provision of the liquor licences.

In many outstation cinema halls the monthly ticket sales were a mere Rs. 80,000 while the liquor sales at their bars exceeded Rs. 250,000 which helped these film halls sustain themselves.

These experts questioned as to why Minister Premadasa who claims to be preserving the culture by not issuing the liquor licences to film halls, but fails to notice the number of spa’s coming up in the country, where the women and female children are at risk.

However, upon scrutiny, Sri Lanka Mirror learned that the total number of film halls in the country is around 175 and of them only around 35 have liquor licences.