Aug 13, 2019

SRK's Simba

As Lion King is sweeping global markets bringing excitement to Disney fans throughout decades, it has also brought excitement to Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan.

SRK and his son Aryan lent their voices to Mufasa and Simba, respectively, in the Hindi-dubbed version of The Lion King.

Speaking during an interview with, the actor said that it was an incredible experience to be working with his son.

He had also tweeted a clip of the dubbed version, captioning it 'Mera Simba' (My Simba).

The Tweet has since received 9.2K Retweets and 62.5K Likes with Tweeps noting the striking similarity of Aryan's voice to his father's.

Speaking further in the interview, SRK has opened about his children - Aryan and Suhana, entering the entertainment industry, noting it was important that his children bring something new to films, instead of just living off his legacy.