Mar 11, 2020

Malinda's “Sapiens| a day in the life” in Colombo

Sri Lankan based artist, Malinda Jayasinghe presents his solo art exhibition - “Sapiens| a day in the life” at the Crimson Space Gallery, 32A, Horton Place, Colombo 7.

The solo exhibition will be held until March 27.

“Sapiens| a day in the life” presents an individual’s life in the 21st Century from a social and cultural context, portraying the anxieties and struggles faced by humans in the eyes of society where people are defined and molded by herd mentality.

It further investigates subjectivity in ‘beauty’ and its’ standardization in society created by ultra-capitalistic industries. Combining a classical and contemporary realistic approach in drawing and painting, “Sapiens | a day in the life” is a visually representational, yet conceptual body of work.

A self-taught artist, Malinda's passion for art started at a young age, figurative drawing - human portraiture focusing on representational realism. He emphasizes on the human form, and the subjectivity of ‘beauty’ while conveying contemporary issues faced by humans in their daily lives. 

He pursued a career in Visual Arts in 2019 after leaving the corporate sector where he worked since 2015. 

Influenced by contemporary artists such as George Condo, Miquel Angel Belinchon and Jono Dry, Malinda uses a combination of graphite and charcoal pencils as well as acrylic and oil paints in his artwork. 

“Sapiens | a day in the life”, explores the artists’ roots in figurative art through a contemporary approach to classical realism.

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