May 01, 2020

Sumitra Peries to receive award from Japan

Renowned film director - Kala Keerthi Ms. Sumitra Peries is to be awarded the prestigious Order of the Rising Sun by the Japanese government.

The recipients of “The Order of the Rising Sun” for the Spring Conferment 2020 were made public by the Government of Japan yesterday (29).

The Order is awarded by His Majesty the Emperor of Japan to foreign nationals who have made distinguished contributions to enhancing friendly relations with Japan.

In a media release, the Japanese embassy of Sri Lanka stated :

"As a renowned film director and a Committee Member of Japan Sri Lanka Friendship Cultural Fund Awards, Ms. Sumitra Peries has left an indelible mark in promoting cultural exchanges between Sri Lanka and Japan, notably by way of bridging the two peoples through the art of films. While introducing delicate cinematography styled by Mr. KUROSAWA Akira, with whom Ms. Peries cultivated close friendship, her magnum opus “Sagara Jalaya”, which was telecasted in 1990 by NHK, captured the hearts of many Japanese people. As a founding member of the Japan Sri Lanka Friendship Awards, Ms. Peries has also played a significant role in enriching the cultural scene in Sri Lanka, as the recipient of the award actively promoting cultural ties between the two island nations."

Meanwhile, President of Sri Lanka Karate Do Association - Mr. Sisira Kumara has also been named as a recipient of this award this year.

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