May 20, 2020

Asha Bhosle launches YouTube channel

Playback singer Asha Bhosle would attribute her grandchildren as an inspiration behind her decision to launch her YouTube channel.

“Due to the present situation, like all of humanity, I am cooped up at home. Sitting at home, with my grandkids and observing their net savvy communication skills, a new world opened up for me,” said Asha Bhosle, who launched her YouTube channel last Wednesday.

“Over the years, I’ve been asked by many people to pen down my thoughts, experiences and emotions but I just didn’t have the time. Now, that I am at home, I decided to record my experiences of 86 years and maybe some of them may entertain people, make them think or just have a good time and a laugh,” the veteran singer said.

She particularly mentions her granddaughter Zanai as a reason why she was inspired to explore the new space. “I am particularly fond of Zanai because she has got an artistic side. She is a song writer, singer, musician and classical Kathak dancer. She reminds me of myself and maybe that is why I feel close to her. Although she is much younger than me, she sometimes says things from which I can learn and educate myself further. I like that. Sensing my enthusiasm, Zanai egged me on to have my own channel to record my life’s experiences,” Bhosle said.

The first big video on Bhosle’s YouTube channel is a birthday song, ‘Main hoon’, for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. “Sri Sri Ravishankarji is a wonderful person. I have known him for a while. It was a chance meeting in Cambodia when we both were enjoying the sites of Angkor Vat when I felt that he is different from other spiritual people or gurus that I have met. And when I heard the lyrics of the song and the wonderful composition, it brought a certain calm to my soul,” said the veteran singer.

Besides music, Bhosle’s channel will unravel interesting facets about her, replete with anecdotes.

“There are so many memories that are lying dormant in my mind. I will bring them alive through YouTube and share it with my listeners,” she promised.

Bhosle said she is keen to reach out to the new generation with her content in the digital space.

“The past is gone. It’s history. I don’t delve nor live in the past. I forge ahead. So, my music too will be modern, fresh and new. Of course my past work will be represented through anecdotes et al, but I am all for new tunes, lyrics and songs,” she explained.