Nov 20, 2020

Wilson Karu bailed (Update)

The Colombo Additional Magistrate court today (20) ordered to release senior film actor - Wilson Karunaratne, better known as Wilson Karu, on a personal bail of Rs. 5,000.

The case is to be taken up yet again on Feb. 16.

Mr. Karunaratne was arrested earlier today on charges of violating quarantine laws by not wearing a facemask in public and for obstructing duties of police officers.

The actor was arrested when he had gone to receive the Rs. 5,000 allowance given by the government in the wake of the present Covid-19 wave. However, he had not being wearing a facemask and had reportedly turned rough when affronted by police.

Five lawyers had volunteered to represent him in court, free of charge.

However, while acknowledging Mr. Karunaratne had been wrong in terms of not wearing a facemask as per government regulations, netizens point out that it is a shame that law is not enforced on everyone equally.