Nov 23, 2020

Non-telecasting drama shot in Udawalawa! Featured

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns of a non-telecasting teledrama being shot in the Udawalawa area.

At the moment, only teledramas that are currently being telecast are allowed to continue to shoot their upcoming episodes.

The incident is said to have raised eyebrows in the field.

According to latest health guidelines issued with regard to teledrama shooting, filming is prohibited in isolated areas or in quarantined homes.

In addition, the production team is to be mindful of many conditions, including washing hands, testing temperatures of those in a shoot, wearing facemasks as much as possible, and not allowing audiences to watch shooting etc.

Also, guidelines issued by the Director General of Health Services states that the number of people entering a studio at a time should be maintained at 25% and limited to essential people as much as possible.