Dec 10, 2020

National Film Corporation faces interim audit Featured

Internal Auditors at the ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs have reportedly commenced an interim audit at the National Film Corporation over several alleged irregularities that have taken place during recent times.

The audit is said to be looking into matters such as several appointments made, paying over Rs. 900,000 as overtime payments in some months, appointing unknown committees and questionable transport costs.

Blatant lie - Chairman

Meanwhile, the National Film Corporation chairman clarified to media that although an audit is underway, it is being done with regard to the administration that preceded him.

"Reports claiming that the audit is done against me is a blatant lie. It is not done with regard to my tenure at office. As NFC chairman, I have not even drunk a cup of tea from NFC funds. I am spending my own money to strengthen the cinema and artistes. The audit report can be published when it comes out," he adds.