Feb 06, 2021

Veteran actress Miyuri Samarasinghe no more Featured

Veteran Sri Lankan actress Miyuri Samarasinghe has passed away today (06) at the age of 81.
She had been unwell for some time.
A talented artiste, Ms. Samarasinghe displayed her talents in theatre, cinema, telegrams and radio.
Making her silver screen debut through the film 'Miriguwa', Ms. Samarasinghe also appeared in films such as Madol Duwa, Yasa Isuru, Wiragaya, Yahalu Yeheli and Maruthaya.
She also appeared in a host of popular telegramas such as Nedeyo, Doo Daruwo, Giraya and Asalwesiyo.
She was also the recipient of several state drama awards.