Feb 24, 2021

BnS evades compensation to Sunil Ariyaratne & Rohana Weerasinghe Featured

Veteran lyricist Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne and veteran musician Dr. Rohana Weerasinghe have decided to resign from the Director Board of the Oscar organisation, which is a leading collective representing singers, musicians and songwriters in the local music industry.

They have formally informed their decision to the organization's Chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa.The letter notes that a company linked to popular singers Bathiya Jayakody and Santhush Weeraman have used the song 'Address Nae' from the film with the same name, for commercial purposes without permission. The duo are also members of the organisation.

Prof. Ariyaratne and Dr. Weerasinghe are holding rights to the original song and they have summoned the duo over infringing intellectual property rights. During a meeting with Mr. Dharmadasa over the issue they have pleaded guilty. Prof. Ariyaratne and Dr. Weerasinghe had demanded a sum of Rs. one million as compensation. However, they have been giving excuses and trying to bargain.

Prof. Ariyaratne and Dr. Weerasinghe have also expressed their displeasure over this conduct as well as the Oscar organisation's watered down conduct on handling this issue.

Therefore, they have said they do not wish to be directors of the organisation any longer.The letter in Sinhala is as follows :