May 20, 2021

"King Mangala - Sponsor Dilith" gains momentum in Youtube Featured

Within a day, more than one million have watched "Light Upali" the latest video released on Youtube by Wasthi Productions and as a result, the "deputy king Mangala sponsor Dilith" has become a popular post on the Internet.

It is reported that a sum of Rs 6.4 million has been spent to produce the particular video and analysts say the video has gained much publicity as there is no known producer for it.

The video has  created an uproar in the political circle as it discusses a  possible ban on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and proposes an alternative social media platform

Besides, the video is a creation of Anushka Udana who is known as the Youtube King and sources in the social media say the video would help Udana to retain his position as the king of youtube.

The video comes at a time when an intense battle is going on between Udana and pro-government activist Iraj Weeraratna.

However, senior journalist and political commentator Kusal Perera has criticised the video, calling it "a cheap creation" which does not discuss crucial political issues.

He has noted that the political life of Mangala Samaraweera would end in "a silly comedy."