Mar 21, 2017

Udara's 'Pani Makuluwo' coming soon

Rumour mill has been abuzz that Film Director - U.R. Palliyaguru had discovered a new animal species.

Upon looking into it, Sri Lanka Mirror', learns that the rumours are based on his latest cinematic production - 'Pani Makuluwo', which literally means 'Honey Spiders' in Sinhala. 

It is said that the film, directed by Isuru Weerasinghe Mudali, explores online predators which prey on unsuspecting individuals just as a spider pounces on its prey which flies into its' web.

The film is to be the silver screen debut of Aish Athukorala.

The film will also feature actors Sanath Gunatillake and Dineth de Silva as well as a Bangladeshi actress - Priota Farelin, reports say.

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