Dec 27, 2021

Salman Khan recovering after snakebite

Salman Khan was hospitalised after a snake bit him at his Panvel farmhouse. His father Salim Khan has shared an update on his condition.

The actor, on Sunday, was bit by a snake at his Panvel farmhouse on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Salman was hospitalised following the incident but was discharged soon. In a recent interview, Salim assured fans that Salman is ‘completely fine’ and has been asked to take a few medicines.

“Salman is doing fine. There is nothing to worry about. It happened early morning but he is fine now. It was a non-poisonous snake and it is obvious to find these creatures in forest areas. The doctor has prescribed a few medicines but otherwise he is completely fine,” Salim told News18.

Earlier in the day, sources informed PTI that the actor was rushed to hospital after the snake bite and fortunately, the snake was non-poisonous. “Salman was bitten last night and taken to a hospital. He was discharged after six hours. He is back home and well,” sources close to the actor said. He is back at his Panvel farmhouse now. The snake reportedly bit his hand.

(Hindustan Times)