Feb 04, 2022

SLRC bosses avoid signing agreement with Derana's IdeaHell

The agreement to transfer the management of the YouTube channels owned by the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) to 'IdeaHell' had not been signed after SLRC bigwigs had eluded it last evening (03), 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns.

It is reported that a group of IdeaHell representatives led by General Manager of IdeaHell and Derana Macroentertainment Pvt Ltd - Janeeth Rodrigo had arrived yesterday (03) to urgently sign the agreement with the SLRC officials.

The main reason behind the SLRC officials eluding the signing is 'IdeaHell' also being the company that handles the digital administration work for TV Derana, a competing private TV media outlet.

The elusion is also a mark of protest against SLRC Chairman - Sonala Gunawardena hastily acting on his own accord to award the contract to 'IdeaHell' without even giving the other officials sufficient opportunity to even go through the agreement properly.

Ulterior motive?

Under the agreement, 'IdeaHell' will reportedly be able to access and download videos and news items provided daily by its local correspondents, as well as to access originals of rare footage exclusively owned by the SLRC.

Meanwhile, SLRC employees have also raised suspicions about IdeaHell's willingness to take up the task for a low charge which isn't even sufficient to maintain the management activities of the SLRC YouTube channels.

The suspicions are fueled by rumours that 'IdeaHell' has agreed to undertake this task even at a loss, with the ulterior motive of copying original footage exclusively owned by the SLRC.

Sonala's subtle measure

Meanwhile, it is said that SLRC trade unions have also started to protest against this agreement due to the pressure exerted by SLRC employees.

It is reported that Sonala had taken subtle measures to appoint two trade union leaders as heads of the New Media Division to quell objections raised against the agreement.

Accordingly, Head of the SLPP Trade Union and head of the SLRC Current Affairs Division - Sanjaya Indrajith has been appointed as the head of the New Media division while Vikum Basnayake - the head of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Trade Union, has been appointed as its deputy.

Meanwhile, the SLRC is said to be facing severe criticism on the WhatsApp group created by SLRC TUs.

Some of them are follows; (Names have been concealed to protect the privacy of the individuals.)

With the SLRC being the national TV channel, the management of its' YouTube channels requires utmost care, caution and top notch cyber security and questions have been raised as to whether 'IdeaHell' can actually deliver this.

This is because TV Derana itself recently claimed that the YouTube channel of TV Derana, (which is also been managed by 'IdeaHell') was hacked for several hours.

Court case against removal

Meanwhile, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that the SLRC Chairman is being sued for Rs. 50 million over the sudden removal of the previous consortium that had managed the SLRC's YouTube channels under a three-year contract.

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