Feb 20, 2022

Actor Tissa Bandaranayake no more (Video)

Actor Tissa Bandaranayake has passed away.

Mr. Bandaranayake, who had been ill for some time, was 65 years old at the time of his death. He is a father of two.

His final rites will be held tomorrow (21) at the Sepala Cemetery in Kelaniya at 6.00pm tomorrow (21).

Mr. Bandaranayake had appeared in around 300 productions that include films, TV dramas and stage dramas.

He appeared on a host of TV dramas such as Kahala Nadaya, Alubanduna, Girikula, Mahatala Hatana, Yugavilakkuwa, Sansare Piya Sathan, Sitha Nivana Katha as well as in movies including Bhavaduka, Wekanda Walawwa, Nil Diya Yahana, Igilena Maluvo and Davena Vihangun.

In addition, he has also acted in stage dramas such as Ekadhipathi, Makara Rakshaya and Dhawala Beeshana.

It is notable that he frequently appeared in roles portraying Buddhist monks.