Apr 06, 2022

SLRC goes bankrupt just before New Year season

Production of 24 programs telecast on the state owned Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) have been suspended from yesterday (05) until further notice.

Measures have also been taken to temporarily suspend all programs produced by channels - 'Nethra' and 'Channel Eye'.

Although the situation has been blamed on the prevailing fuel and electricity crisis, the real reason behind this is said to be SLRC reaching the state of bankruptcy.

Speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror' SLRC employees have blamed the incumbent chairman - Sonala Gunawardena's short sighted decisions for this situation, which had taken place in less than 03 months since him taking up the job.

The SLRC also lost their digital revenue from YouTube after transferring it to the 'IdeaHell', a private company affiliated to the Derana media collective.

New Year plans go down the drain

This year's coverage of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year was organised to be held in the village of Meemure with a musical show to be held in the Nikaweratiya area.

Although minister Johnston Fernando has agreed to be the main sponsor of the musical show, the plan to hold a musical show has been abandoned after deeming it  unsuitable in the backdrop of the country's prevailing situation.

In addition, villagers of Meemure have flatly refused to provide a house as a location for the SLRC's special New Year telecast. Since the Chairman had stubbornly decided to go ahead by setting up a backdrop in Meemure, SLRC employees say that it was good riddance that the plan was forced to be scrapped.

Meanwhile, social media activist Manorama Weerasinghe has said, "It is reported that the SLRC has gone bankrupt. In a Facebook post, he had severely criticized the channel's present chairman and its administration.

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