May 01, 2022

Jacqueline’s 70 mn. account Frozen!

A 70 million Indian Rupee fixed deposit under actor Jacqueline Fernandez's name has been attached as part of the investigation into the 2000 millionmoney laundering case against alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, Indian media reported.

The Enforcement Directorate has attached assets worth 72.7 million and this includes the 71.2 million fixed deposit and the 1.5 million Indian Rupees that was paid by Chandrashekhar to a script writer on the actor's behalf.

The Enforcement Directorate alleges that Chandrashekhar gave gifts worth 57.1 million to the actor from the 2 billion he allegedly extorted from the family of Shivinder Singh, former owner of Ranbaxy who was jailed in 2019 in a money laundering case in 2019.

Chandrashekhar has claimed that he and the actress were in a relationship. 

The case against Chandrashekhar was filed following a complaint by Shivinder Singh’s wife  Aditi Singh, who accused Chandrashekhar of taking the money from her promising that he would arrange for her husband's release.

As the investigation against Chandrashekhar widened, an uber-luxe lifestyle of a flamboyant con man came to the fore - a seaside mansion in Chennai, a fleet of 23 cars including a Ferrari, a Bentley and a Rolls Royce.

Upon questioning, Jacqueline is learnt to have confessed to receiving a 1.5 lakh dollar loan from Chandrashekhar, along with gifts that included a horse worth ₹ 5.2 million, a Persian cat worth ₹ 900,000, gem-studded earrings and an Hermes bracelet. She reportedly also "received" a Mini Cooper car which she later returned.

Investigations have revealed that Chandrashekar had also given large sums of money to Jacqueline's family members.

Earlier this year, Chandrashekhar's lawyer released a letter he wrote inside the jail in which the conman said his gifts to the actor were normal as in any relationship.

"As I have mentioned before, I and Jacqueline were in a relationship, seeing each other, and the relationship was not based on any kind of monetary benefits like the way it's projected, commented, and trolled in a bad light.

The relationship has lots of love and respect for each other without any expectations. Kindly request everyone to stop projecting her in a bad way, as it's not easy on her, who has only loved without expecting anything. As I have mentioned before, she has no involvement in the ongoing money-laundering case.

I have gifted her things and done things for her family; are normal things one would do for his loved one in a relationship. It's personal. I don't understand why it's being made such a big deal. At the same time, I would like to again assure that none of this was 'proceeds of so-called crime'. It's all from legitimate earnings and it would be proved in the court of law very soon," Chandrashekhar wrote in his letter.