Jul 07, 2017

‘Dharma Yuddhaya’ from the 14th (video) Featured

‘Dharma Yuddhaya’, produced by M-Entertainment, will be screened from the 14th.

Directed by India’s Cheyyar Ravi, this is an adaptation of a film previously produced in Hindi, Tamil and several other languages.

It revolves around Harischandra, a businessman, who adores his young his wife and two daughters, and spends much time watching films as his pastime.

An outsider entering their nest results to unexpected events unfolding.

Visaka, with political affluence, takes power and the law to her own hands in search of her missing child, aided by a cunning policeman.

The film will tell the extent of a father’s love, and a mother’s love.

The cast includes Jackson Anthony, Dilhani Ekanayake, Douglas Ranasinghe, Kusum Renu, Kumara Thirimadura, Thisuri Yuvanika, Vinum Wansanda, Ariyasena Gamage, Wasantha Kumarasiri, Avanti Aponso, Roshan Pilapitiya, Ananda Atukorale and Danuka Dilshan.

Music is by Sachith Peiris, while songs are by Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne.

Also contributing are Shanmugam Saravanan (camera), Jethu Joseph (script), dialogue (Prageeth S. Ratnayake) and Manjula Ayagama (art direction).