Jul 18, 2017

Somapala Ratnayake no more!

Renowned musician and music director Somapala Ratnayake has passed away at the age of 69.

He is said to be the only musician to have ridden on the back of film icon Gamini Fonseka, having had a little too much of the spirits during the film Uthumanani. .

Somapala had also directed the music of Fonseka’s film, Nomiyena Minissu.

It is believed that Somapala Ratnayake had only shaved his beard on the day of his marriage.

During an interview he said, “At the time R.A. Chandrasena master used to call me Ho ching Ming and this beard became my most treasured accessory. On the day of my wedding in 1975 was the only time I ever cut my beard. At the start I had a slight growth but later on I began to really take care of my beard. My wife used to ask me to cut it all the time but this beard had become part of my life, trade and my music.”