Aug 03, 2017

In a Heartbeat (Video)

Get your tissues handy – you’re going to need them after watching In a Heartbeat, which is the latest animated short film that is absolutely breaking the Internet.

The animation was put together by Ringling College of Art and Design students Beth David and Esteban Bravo as their computer animation thesis, but it has now taken on much more of a life than just a school project.

It deals with a young boy struggling to come to terms with his feelings for a handsome peer, a topic never previously explored by animated film, and features an adorable jumping heart that is just begging to be made into a new Pixar mascot.

The Florida students managed to successfully crowdfund almost 5 times their original estimated costs to produce the film through Kickstarter, and their hard work is paying off. Since hitting YouTube, In a Heartbeat has racked up over 9 million views, and everyone watching it is begging for a sequel.

Take a look yourself and find out what people are saying about it!

(Source : Bored Panda)