Aug 14, 2017

Pakistan - India ‘peace anthem’ goes viral (video)

Pakistan is celebrating its 70th Independence Day on 14 August, with historic rival India following one day later.

The two states share a tense relationship, primarily over the disputed territory of Kashmir, which sparked two wars between the sides.

Now a new song hopes to encourage tolerance - by uniting the countries' national anthems.

The "peace anthem" features singers from both Pakistan and India.

The pro-peace Facebook group Voice of Ram shared it online, and social media users from both countries have praised the song and the sentiment behind it.

The video begins with the words, "When we open our borders to art, peace comes along."

A series of artists then sing the Indian anthem Jana Gana Mana, and Pakistan's Pāk Sarzamīn - some from recording studios, others on location.

The footage closes with the words, "Let's stand together for peace".

(BBC News)