Sep 14, 2017

‘Born with a Darker Tan’ Featured

Sri Lankan Jayamini de Silva is now holding an exhibition titled ‘Born with a Darker Tan’ at People’s Theatre at Newcastle University in England.

It runs until October 27.

Jayamini says about the exhibition:

In this exhibition, I'm trying to discuss the obsession with fairness of skin in South Asia. In the sub-continent, where the majority of people are dark-skinned, the overriding factor to determine whether a girl is beautiful or not is decided by the fairness of their skin.

In my own humble way, I try to bring attention to how pale skin is associated with superiority and research findings reflecting that fair skin positively correlates to jobs, education, income and marital status.

Complexion has become a barrier for girls to reach their full capacity and leaves dark-skinned individuals stigmatised.