Oct 19, 2017

Harshita Dahiya killed by brother-in-law?

At least seven bullet wounds have been found in the body of 22-year-old folk singer Harshita Dahiya, who was shot dead on Tuesday while she was on her way back to her home in Delhi after a performance in Haryana's Panipat.

Harshita Dahiya was shot in the head and neck at close range by men who blocked her car in Panipat and forced others with her to get out. She died instantly, the police said.

The singer, who specialized in Haryana folk songs, was returning to Delhi after a show at a village in Panipat. Around 4 pm, two men in a black car allegedly overtook her car and blocked it. "A car overtook her vehicle near Chamrara village and forced it to stop," senior police officer Desh Raj said.

The men barked at the driver and Harshita Dahiya's two companions, including another singer, to leave the car. Aiming at her head, they fired multiple bullets and escaped.

"There are seven-eight bullet wounds on the body, three bullets were recovered. The rest of the bullets passed through the body," said Dr Rajeev Maan, who carried out the autopsy.

Harshita Dahiya had recently posted a video on social media alleging death threats. "Do whatever you want, I am not afraid of dying," she had declared in what turned out to be her last recorded video.

She did not, however, alert the police.

Harshita's sister Lata has alleged that her husband, who is currently in Delhi's Tihar Jail, is involved in the killing. Dinesh, a gangster, was accused by Harshita of raping her in 2014 and killing her mother later that year.

"She was killed by my husband because she was a witness in my mother's murder," said Lata.

Harshita was known for her Haryanvi 'Ragini' songs and was also a dancer. She had lived in Delhi's Narela for three years.


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