Nov 09, 2017

4 TV stations to halt dubbed programmes Featured

Private television stations have decided to halt telecasting tele dramas, films and commercial programmes that are imported and dubbed in local languages, following the increase in the levy on them.

After the levy was raised, Sirasa, Hiru, Swarnavahini and Derana met finance minister Mangala and lodged their protest over the increase.

According to them, around 2,000 dubbing artistes will lose their jobs due to the decision.

Game shows to fill the airtime

These TV stations have now decided to fill the airtime of the halted programmes with the profitable game shows involving local actors and actresses.

Meanwhile, a senior professional in tele dramas said on condition of anonymity that imported tele dramas, films and other programmes dubbed locally were unsuitable and tended to create family disputes.

The dubbing artistes themselves are talented actors and actresses, but they give their voice to someone else as they do not get tele dramas for themselves, he noted.

Dubbed programmes destroyed local industry

He refuted the figures given by the private television stations and said only around 500 dubbing artistes would lose their jobs.

Those dubbed programmes have adversely affected the local tele drama and film industries and denied the jobs for more than 5,000 persons, he said.