Dec 05, 2017

Panaimarakadu screening cancelled

Organisers of the Panaimarakadu movie screening scheduled to be in Colombo today have informed that the screening has been cancelled in response to a complaint lodged by a party raising a legal matter in relation to the production and ownership.

In a statement, the CEPA further adds :

CEPA wishes to thank the Chairman of the National Film Corporation for his excellent support and effort to salvage the situation. However, the circumstances for the cancellation were beyond the control of both the NFC and CEPA. We also thank the media, both print and electronic, for the wide publicity given on the event.

While we leave the parties concerned to resolve their legal disputes, we remain frustrated that this screening in Colombo could not be realized and our inability to cater to the unprecedented enthusiasm and interest shown by a large audience. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation at short notice.

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