Dec 28, 2017

Popular singer Ginger meets with accident

Popular singer Ginger and four others were reportedly injured when the van that they were travelling to attend a musical concert in Deniyaya, had plunged down a 6o foot precipice near the Diyadawa diga area, according to police.

The four passengers who were travelling in the van had sustained injuries, while Ginger who was initially admitted to the Deniyaya hospital had been transferred to the Matara General hospital for further treatment.

Ginger had been on her way to perform at the concert organized by the Ruhuna Tourism Authority and Southern Provincial Council when the accident had taken place and police suspect that the driver of the vehicle had fallen asleep.

At the time of the accident Ginger’s seven-year-old son and another relative had also been in the vehicle.

As soon as the accident occurred, the villagers had gathered and immediately taken the injured to hospital in two three wheelers and a small ‘Batta’ lorry.

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