Jan 10, 2018

Angeline – Latha dispute ends

Veteran singer Angeline Gunatillake celebrated her 78th birthday recently. This was a special occasion for her as songbird Latha Walpola was to participate in this ceremony.

Angeline and Latha were a pair that dominated the cinema music scene and it was no secret that these two had a dispute going for some time.

However, disregarding all old animosities, Latha attended Angeline’s birthday bash with cake in hand with sincere intentions of wishing her colleague the best on her happy day.

This gesture by Latha was indeed a pleasant surprise for Angeline, who is currently in a paralysed state.

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In an instant the duo embraced with tear filled eyes and made up for their past differences and exchanged pleasantries. Another surprise awaited Angeline, with prominent photographer Dayan Witharana walked in with a native doctor.

Quite unaware of Latha’s presence, Dayan walked in with native healer Anushan Seneviratne and was pleasantly surprised himself to see Angeline and Latha together in friendly conversation.

Due to her paralysis, Angeline was unable to dress herself and it was none other than Latha who helped her drape her saree and put on her make up.

“Today it was Latha who dressed me up and did my make up. I am very lucky in that sense. We were good friends and why did we have to fall out?” said Angeline joining Latha and Dayan in singing her most famous song, Ma eda.

 Meanwhile, it is their fervent desire to do a musical concert together as soon as Angeline recovers from her illness.

Angeline Latha 2 10 01 18Angeline Latha 3 10 01 18