Jan 26, 2018

Chinese film lineup in February

The Chinese film festival organized by the Chinese Embassy and the National Film Corporation for the third consecutive time will be held from February 01 to 06.

This film festival will be held at the National Film Corporation Tharanganee hall.

A host of well known actors and actresses from China and Hong Kong will participate in the inauguration ceremony, while eight films will be shown this year.

The films are as follows:

February 01 at 06.30 PM Cold War

February 02 at 06.30 PM The Master

February 03 at 02.30 PM The Tale Of Three Cities

February 03 at 06.30 PM Monkey King

February 04 at 02.30 PM Save Mister Woo

February 04 at 06.30 PM Tick Tock

February 05 at 06.30 PM Date End

February 06 at 06.30 PM Mojin The Lost Legend