Feb 05, 2018

Pathi Watha to be unveiled on Feb. 08

In memory of late filmmaker and progressive thinker Dr. Dharmasena Pathiraja, the launch of a commemorative volume as well as a full-day film festival will be held on Feb. 08 at the National Film Corporation.

The event is organised by Film Directors Guild of Sri Lanka.

The Sinhala book, ‘Pathi Watha’ will be launched at 5.00pm. A special address will by Asoka Handagama will be held at the launch.

The film festival which will be held at the venue is as follows :

10.00am - Para dige (On the Run)
12.30 pm - ‘Mathu Yam Davasa’ (Some Day in the Future)
3.00pm - ‘In Search of a Road’
7.00pm - ‘Swaroopa’