Feb 20, 2018

Hemasiri Fernando's ‘ESSAYS ON CEYLON RAILWAYS' unveiled

Chairman of People's Bank, Hemasiri Fernando has once again paid homage to Sri Lanka's railways in a third book - ‘ESSAYS ON CEYLON RAILWAYS (1864 – 1964)’.

Hemasiri Fernando 02Written in english, this follows Mr. Fernando's previous books - ‘The Viceroy Special’ and ‘The Uva Railway – Railway to the Moon’.

Enriched with hundreds of rare, high quality photographs taken in Ceylon during 60’s and 70’s by leading railway enthusiasts around the world, followed by ancient maps that are digitally reproduced in an expert manner to preserve their authenticity, ESSAYS ON CEYLON RAILWAYS is a haven for any railway lover.

With twelve chapters, the book teleports the reader when the British were in complete control of the entire island and had established the Ceylon Government Railway (CGR) to develop the transportation system of the new colony. An entire chapter is also devoted to Railway Signaling and Safety’ - in which the author throws light upon a range of little-known railway signaling systems used by the British.

Mr. Fernando has also included a separate chapter to pay tribute to each and every one of the Director Generals and General Managers who managed the administrative affairs in Ceylon Government Railways during the span of hundred years from 1864 to 1964.

Page Cover 01