Mar 08, 2018

Sri Lankan among Google Doodlers for Women’s Day

For the International Women’s Day 2018, Google celebrates by displaying work of 12 women artists around the globe.

Their work tells stories about inspirational women in their communities, as a part of this year’s International Women’s Day Doodle.

The 2018 International Women’s Day Doodle is now live on Google home pages worldwide - and will be up till midnight March 8th.

Among these 12 artists is the well known Sri Lankan illustrator - Isuri Dayaratne.

Isuri’s story is about ‘Aarthi the Amazing’. It is an adventure story about a day in a life of an extraordinary fisherwoman; who braves the rough seas to catch fish; works day and night; earns the extra rupee to feed and support her children. Aarthi’s story was inspired by the daily lives and the daily struggles of fisherwomen in Sri Lanka.

Isuri, a product of Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya, studied illustration at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

She continues to inspire with her creations, which are displayed in different establishments all over Colombo.

Check out her story as well as her website and Instagram for more creative pieces.