May 17, 2018

How did Mohini’s child came to be? (Video)

Out of all the ghosts in Sri Lankan lore, Mohini is definitely in the lead.

One of Sri Lanka’s most popular, feared ghosts, she is usually depicted as a beautiful white-clad woman carrying a child in her arms, often said to be appearing to hapless males near a cemetery or on lonely roads at night time. It is said that she would beg the victim to carry her child for a while.

Due to her popularity, Mohini has been depicted in many local movies and animations.

A recent animation has been making rounds again on Facebook these days. The video, created by a group of local animation artists, is said to be their first animated short film and was uploaded to Youtube last year.

Regardless, the originality, creativity and the humour will have you grinning an oh, it also shows how Mohini’s child came to be.


The makers have also included a video on the making of the short film.