May 21, 2018

“I am not a Sri Lankan” - Sangeetha Featured

Sangeetha Thadani who plays the role of the boarding aunty in the tele-drama Deveni Inima is a familiar character both in tele-dramas and the silver screen. She is currently engaged in the film Yasodha playing the role of Maha Prajapathy Gothamy. However, Sangeetha is not a Sri Lankan but an Indian national whose parents are both Indians.

Although her mother tongue is Hindi, she is very eloquent in the Sinhala language. She had moved to Sri Lanka having married former Rugby team Captain Pradeep Basnayake and is the mother of a grown up son.

Speaking of her life in Sri Lanka, Sangeetha said, “Both my parents are Indian citizens and I have dual citizenship in India and Sri Lanka. I am currently based in Sri Lanka, but my family lives in India. Therefore, I frequently travel to India to look into the wellbeing of my family. Although acting is not my profession, I am very interested in  acting. Hence, whenever time permits, I engage in the arts.”