Jul 02, 2018

Derana recreates 'New Yolk Times'! Featured

The New York Times has become extremely popular in Sri Lanka of late, with their allegations of China Harbour funds were dispensed for Mahinda Rajapaksa's presidential campaign in 2015.

The allegation, which appeared in an article titled 'How China Got Sri Lanka to Cough Up a Port' caused a political uproar and media inferno in Sri Lanka.

A morning programme of FM Derana radio station has struck a funny side to the situation today (02).

In their prograame 'Anupama', which takes up prominent news headlines of the local daily newspapers, one of the programme presenters - 'Johnson Uncle', had told his one of his co-hosts - 'Lahiru malli' to add the New York Times to the list of newspapers they are taking up in the programme.

The remaining show hostess of the programme, Kumari had suggested a Sinhala version of 'New York Times', with the direct Sinhalese translation of its name as 'Nawa (New) Mada (York) Welawa (Times). The fact that the direct translation also transforms the popular US publication's name into 'New Yolk Times' rather than 'New York Times', adds to the humour.

On a different note, the Derana media house is to unveil two newspapers (Sinhala and English) in the near future.