Jul 16, 2018

Exclusive photography website launched

'Readphotos' (www.readphotos.com) - a new web site containing photographs of Sri Lanka’s most prominent photographers, was launched over the weekend.

The website is the newest addition to the Lanka News Web Media Network with prominent photojournalist - Ajith Seneviratne as the Chief Editor.

'Readphotos' has made provision for photographers to publish their photographs under special subject scopes, and invites photographers to publish their photographic content under several categories such as news, politics, environment, creative and social on one organized platform. The editorial hopes that this initiative would also become a learning platform for aspiring photographers.

Speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror', Chief Editor of 'Readphotos' - Ajith Seneviratne said that the quality of photography could be uplifted to the highest levels by gathering all photographers throughout the country onto one cyber space. He added that the name 'Readphotos' was selected with this aim in mind.

'Readphotos' invites fans and photographers to connect with this massive collection of photographs and make this an opportunity to improve their photography knowledge.