Euro Film Fest 2023 : Aug. 20 screenings



Day 5 (Aug. 20) of the European Film Festival 2023 will feature ‘Io sto bene’ by Donato Rotunno at 3.30pm and ‘Mitra’ by Kaweh Modiri at 6.00pm.

The films will be screened at the National Film Corporation cinema and admission will be free.

Io sto bene (2020, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany)

Synopsis : Antonio has spent his whole life away from Italy, his home country. He crosses paths with Leo, a young Italian artist who is trying to make it abroad. The old man and the young woman’s destinies mirror each other. Memories from the past are awoken and end up offering a more peaceful future to the both of them.

Mitra (2021, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark)

Synopsis : 37 years after her daughter was executed in Iran, Haleh finds the woman who betrayed her. The traitor, now a loving mother herself and just arrived in the Netherlands, does not recognize Haleh and trusts her as an older and wiser countryman. While Haleh is plotting her revenge, she gets to know the perpetrator better than she would like to.


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