Euro Film Fest 2023 : Aug. 21 screenings



The final day (Aug. 21) of the European Film Festival 2023 will feature ‘Imad’s Childhood’ by Zahavi Sanjavi at 3.30pm and the closing film ‘Luxembourg, Luxembourg’ by Antonio Lukich at 6.00pm.

The films will be screened at the National Film Corporation cinema and admission will be free.

Imad’s Childhood  (2021, Sweden, Latvia, Iraq)

Synopsis : After more than two years in captivity with Isis, Yazidi Ghazala and her two small boys are released and return to Iraqi Kurdistan. Four year old Imad is explosively aggressive and his favorite pursuits are stoning rabbits and beheading dogs. With patience and respect, Zahavi Sanjavi has closely followed Imad and his traumatized family for several years. With the help of a teacher, Imad begins to take small steps to find his way back to a normal childhood.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg’ (2022, Ukraine)

Synopsis : Mykola and Vasya go in search of their father, who left them when they were children, after they come to know that he is dying in Luxembourg. Kolya considers him a hero, while Vasya thinks he is a scoundrel.


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