SLRC’s YouTube revenue remains unchanged despite increase in USD value!



It is reported that the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation’s (SLRC) YouTube channel income has not changed since last February even though the value of US Dollar has increased exponentially.

The total number of subscribers of the channel is 2.2 million.

Even though the number of subscribers was less than that before last February, despite the USD being at Rs.187, its average monthly YouTube income was close to Rs.2.4 million. 

Now that the USD has risen to more than Rs.360, its monthly income has scarcely exceeded Rs.2 million. It was reported that the total income received in August is only Rs.2.1 million.

Meanwhile, ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ earlier revealed that the SLRC, which is dependent on the Treasury, is planning to lease out a part of its land to the National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) for a period of 30 years without calling any tenders.


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