Nov 02, 2018

Suffering from dry cough and cold? THIS spice can heal you

When we think of elaichi, the first thing that comes to our mind is a piping hot cup of elaichi wali chai.

Cardamompods (elaichi) are used in many sweet dishes around India, whether it is the scrumptious kheer or the mouthwatering gulab jamun.

Its unique taste and sweet aroma lends dishes a unique flavour.

What you don’t know is this humble looking spice also boasts of incredible health benefits. As the season of cough, cold and flu is officially upon us, there is no better time to learn how beneficial elaichi can be in treating sore throat, congestion or even dry cough.

Elaichi is rich in antioxidants. In fact, black cardamom helps in combating the symptoms of cold and cough, while the oil derived from its seeds acts as an antiseptic which is known to calm down sore-throat.

Tip: To ensure that sore-throat and dry cough don’t bother you this winter, sipping a hot cup of elaichi wali chai is a sure shot way of keeping illnesses at bay.

Home remedy for cold and cough

Boil a cup of water and put cardamom pods and honey in it. This concoction acts as a remedy for dry cough and cold.

In fact, those who suffer from acid reflux also complain of persistent dry cough. Chewing cardamom pods is an effective way of combating the same as it leads to the stimulation of salivary glands. This, in turn, strengthens the mucosal lining of the stomach and speeds up your digestion and relieves you of the symptoms of heartburn.

Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps in tackling respiratory diseases like asthma and severe cold. Chewing elaichi for half an hour daily can prove to be very effective in curing a cold that just won’t budge.

The takeaway

There is a reason that cardamom is known as the queen of spices. In addition to the soothing aroma and distinct taste it lends to a variety of dishes, elaichi also packs in a hoard of health benefits that make it an integral part of the Indian cuisine.