Aug 12, 2020

Erandi Madushika possesses a tonal decorated voice

The turning point of the blossomed varied musical career of Erandi Madushika was her near triumph at the Derana Dream Star contest Season V1 in year 2015. A song selected with gusto during this contest was acclaimed by viewers was the Arabic song “habib ya nour elaim”.To date she has her own songs,theme songs for films,Tele dramas and for Jingals.

.Her song “Ramata ma sekai Ravana” lyrics by Punya Samarakoon and music score by Pasan Thilakawardena has been viewed by a million . Erandi blends academic and skilled expertise to deliver aesthetic delight is on a firm track to add more feathers to her cap as a sought after artiste.

Erandi has trained herself to have controlled breathing which is perhaps themost integral part of singing. If one does not properly pace one’s breathing would muddle up the song, running out of air mid-note, or may even miss a cue as one is busy taking a breadth. She couldwith her groomingeasily navigates over these constraints with supreme ease

Erandi hails from Pasyala having had her primary education at the Pasyala primary school thereafter after the scholarship examination was selected to Kegalle Balika Vidyalaya.Her unique talents had been identified while in grade one by her teachers she had thought her the key board .At Kegalle Balika she had excelled in several aesthetic activities having won coveted awards for singing and acting were well identified as a spotlighted character.During years 2005 to 2011 had won awards as a member of drama teams at provincial and all Island school contests also specially by the Sri Lanka Shakespearent theatre.

Erandi had been an active member of the school’s drama team also the conductor of school choir for a number of years.Apart from singing had excelled as a flutist.In addition Erandi had studied Eastern and Western music too having undergone ‘voice training” under expertise personnel.

Apart from talent oozing out from her in all areas of music Erandi had successfully completed higher studies with a Merchandising degree at SLITA , is presently undergoing a course in higher national diploma in English language at SLIATE.The above courses had enticed Erandi to take up an appointment as a ‘merchandiser’ at Star Garments for two years and thereafter opted to date as a teacher in a reputed International school with a view to peruse an enhanced career in her music field.

After her turning point at Derana dream star contest, it was her perseverance and innate talents that had attributed vastly to her noteworthy success which is sans any hereditary affiliations.After her “Ravana” song her next song was “Kalu Kolla’ a gift from DeranaTV ,then “Oba ha mohothak” song.Erandi was selected to sing the trailer song of film “dekala purudu kenek”,the theme song of tele drama “haratha hera”, a duet with stalwart Gayantha Wijeratne which was telecast on ITN, the theme song for poya day tele drama of Derana TV “sasara piyawara”, her”kerella song was released on Independence day 2020,”api seeruwaen” song and “samanala sirasin” a remixed of popular song of HR Jothipala.A few more songs are pending completion.

Erandi was born to parents Anura and Nilmini Ranasinghe in Pasyala.Dad is working in Qatar while Mum is a housewife.She is married just a year ago to Thiwanka Ranaweera an Assistant Manager at Papparich who assists her in her music arena as she is having a rather busy schedule in music as well as in the International school.

Erandi has climbed to an unprecedented tall height in pursuing a singing career during the past five years.This could be attributed to her perseverance,innate talent combined with her rare ‘screen’ tonal voice colour.All music lovers would wish a flourishing singing career ahead as a highly hailed sought after vocalist.

Sunil Thenabadu in Brisbane