Mar 12, 2021

Visharadh Udara skilled in aesthetic lustre

The analyzable psychological process which is a much conscious activity is also automatic when it comes to naturally talented singers such as Udara Kariyapperuma.

One of the imperative distinctiveness of applying comparative doctrine and vocal creativity is to discriminate one tradition of music, specific styles, and techniques from other traditions of music and their corresponding styles, by not blending them all together.

Udara was born on 27th April 1990 in Kohuwala as the second of three daughters to unassuming humble parents Dhanapala and Champika Kariyapperuma .The former was an Assistant Controller at the BIA Katunayake while the latter a housewife.Elder sister Harara married living in Abu Dhabi while the younger sister Thulara also married lives in Australia.Though the siblings are far apart Udara continues to have very  close links with them.

Although Udara was initially talented in dancing,at  the very tender age of eight under Daya Nellampitiya ,a parent at Musaeus College,Rajini Gunasekera  had identified her innate singing abilities had advised her mother to pursue  for her a career in music.Soon Udara had triumphed when she was given opportunities to sing a solo song in school.Thereafter had participated in all school events, inter house competitions where she had received first price for singing Kavi and songs right along her school career, initially under music teacher Anuradha Nandasiri thereafter Nimmi Welikala and Rupashika Ranatunga. Udara had learned classical Eastern vocal music under Professor Sangeeth Nipun Sanath Nandasiri ,had passed the Visharadh examination with a First division also part one of Violin Visharadh.

Udara had confirmed precisely to possess an excellent wisdom of vocal potential.Singing was not only her passion but concurrently  playing musical instruments like the piano,Indian classical  violin. Udara while in school had passed the IWMS (Institute of western music and speech) in western music under Neelakantha Dias. She has passed Visharadha exam in classical Indian music, Bathkande. Having faired well in the Advanced level with flying colours gained admission to the Univeristy, Udara possesses a music bachelor degree from the University of Visual and Performing Arts in year 2015, in Western and Indian classical singing cum  a piano special degree under Dr Priyeshi Pieris and teacher Kamalini, these twin areas only a very few possesses. Western singing was guided by Menaka Sahabandu.

As music was her passion was into competitions with sheer confidence having participated in “Swarnabimani” singing competition in year 2008, where she was adjudicated as the winner all-Island.Udara was placed fifth in the “Sri Lanka life” competition organized by SLRC,was placed third in “Pibidena Gayaka Parapura” in the same year which had given Udara the required impetus to prolong her musical career.

In year 2012 possessing talent in abundance had passed the audition at SLBC to be graded as an ‘A’ grade singer in Sinhala category while in year 2013 as a ‘B’ grade singer in Tamil category. Udara had also excelled in singing Tamil, Hindi and English songs to many audiences keeping them spellbound. Udara is also capable to sing to her own forte-piano music really rare for a vocalist.  

While still in the University she had participated in the gruelling Sirasa Super Star singing competition in year 2014 where ahe was among the top twenty which incidentally was a turning point in her singing career when she was well recognised as a talented vocalist.

Udara is a renowned folk song singer too having participated in music folk festivals in Austria, Thailand and China.Udara has sung many solo songs , “me obe suwanda wage’,’ashawen maa bala’ etc with lyrics and music by famous lyric writers and musicians. In this aspect Udara emphasizes the rigid influence and guidance from Professor Sangeeth Nipun Sanath Nandasiri, Malkanthi Nandasiri, Saroja Hewavitharana, Udantha Gunatilleke. Jayanthi Sivapragasam, Yamuna Malini Perera, Dharmasiri Gamage, Chandana Welikala, Sydney Chandrasekera, Navaratne Gamage, Ashan Fernando, Marlon Perera, Anuruddha Sigera, Kaveen Rupasinghe, Hasintha Dilshan Trio, Thushara Madushantha and Dananjaya Hettiarachchi for contributing lyrics,arranging music and helping in numerous ways for her endeavors.

Udara is often invited to sing as a guest artiste in many programs in TV channels and radio to sing like ‘Mathra’, ‘Shanidaa saadaya’, ‘Sihinayaki Re’, Raa pedura, Sirasa padura,Dialog Ridma’, SLBC’s singing programmes etc She had also sung jingles in Television.

Udara has been working as a music teacher after graduation in international schools initially in Daybridge International school while from year 2017 to date is attached to Colombo International School. She married Nadeeshan Waduge in year 2015 a ‘Brand Manager’ in Unilevers for ‘Ayush’ product, the duo are blessed with a daughter only eight months old. Udara has confessed that the immense support she derives from husband, family, relatives is enormous to pursue her singing career. She had confessed that her grandmother until her demise in year 2019 had been a tower of strength for her. Although she was old certainly was not old fashioned had been a tower of strength who knew the basics in music had guided Udara from the beginning also accompanied her for competitions, recordings and other matters related to her music career. Udara is indebted to all of them and her fans. The fervent hope of all her fans would be for her to further blossom her passion for music with the intention to bloom further to unprecedented tall heights.

- Sunil Thenabadu in Brisbane