Nov 01, 2021

Credibility & Diligence reigns as 'Sri Lanka Mirror' turns 11 today!

'Sri Lanka Mirror' is happy and proud to announce our 11th year in operations as a pioneering online news portal, after commencing our journey on Nov. 01, 2010.

Competing for a decade in a market with bigger and more powerful players with cards in multi-media platforms, may not be the easiest task and we consider it a victory not just being able to hold our ground, but also being able to grow. However, we consider our greatest achievement as the ability to retain our esteemed readers' trust throughout, by following our conscience and doing what is right while never straying from the path of accuracy, balance, clarity and credibility in our reporting. To us, the credibility placed on us and our diligence to constantly deliver it, is everything.

During the last 11 years, where political persecution, economic pressures as well as a pandemic hampered-environment forced many news websites to shut down or scale back, our pillars of strength have been none other than the dedication of our team and the trust placed on us by our readers.

As we mark the completion of another year in operations, we know it is also the beginning of a new leg in our journey bundled with more challenges, achievements, experiences and fresh hope for better times. As we celebrate 11 years, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' would like to announce with great joy that we have several changes in store for our beloved readers which will be unveiled soon, as we thrive to give back more than in the last decade.

Cheers to everyone who has been a part of our story. As the wise say, "It's always the small pieces that make the big picture." To us, every piece, every step and every person matters, because they are all a part of our story. Much love, strength and resilience to all! Stay safe!

- 'Sri Lanka Mirror' Editorial Board