May 10, 2022

NOW let’s buckle down for some serious work

There is no Government now. We are into an anarchic situation. Anarchy in celebrating victory. There is right round condemnation from all quarters, even internationally, of brutal violence organised by the government and that government with its Prime Minister was forced out. I am therefore convinced we do not need any more protests leading to violence.

What we now need is a temporary government with legitimacy that can establish social discipline. A rule of law that can workout short term remedies to the bankrupt economy with access to required forex in order to provide people with basic needs adequately. That can thereafter pave way for an election to establish a democratic government elected by the people at the earliest opportunity.

If not, all sacrifices made by youth who initiated this determined protest would simply go waste.

President too has no credibility and social acceptance. Thus, it is people who should decide what his responsibilities are and what he should be allowed to do.

It is therefore proposed the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) with the Organisation of Professional Association (OPA), Chambers of Commerce, TU members of the National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC), university academics’ FUTA, and youth representatives from those who pioneered the Galle face protest, constitute a temporary “Governing Council” that will decide the responsibilities of the President while attending to the two main issues they are entrusted with.

What is important right now is not how Constitutional this council is, but how credibly it is pronounced and how well the council is accepted by society. How democratic they are in decision-making and how people centred they are.

I therefore propose the BASL that over the past 02 years earned much respect in society for their principled positions taken, should be called upon to initiate this proposal and lead it.

Kusal Perera
10 May, 2022