Is Bollywood’s reign of remakes coming to an end?



Bollywood, which makes Hindi films, has often turned to other movie industries across India – especially from the southern states – to remake their biggest hits. But how will the rise of streaming services and the emergence of “pan-Indian” blockbusters affect this?

The latest Bollywood remake of a southern hit – Vikram Vedha, helmed by the directors of the Tamil-language original – released in theatres in September to good reviews. It’s also among just a handful of Bollywood films that have earned more than one billion rupees ($12.1m; £10.7m) worldwide this year (though reports say the movie is still struggling to reach that figure in India).

But around Vikram Vedha’s release, some corners of the internet also began furiously debating Bollywood’s seeming inability to come up with fresh ideas – and its over-reliance on the south for scripts.

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By Zoya Mateen

BBC News, Delhi


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